Meticulously constructed vocals, lush fingerstyle guitar, scattered percussion, and a haunting, ethereal, female voice intersected and wove through the D.C./Baltimore-based "dream folk- rock" group formerly known as Kindlewood. The independent trio was fronted by Kelci Smith and backed by Galen Smith and Jamison Lyman. The group’s debut full length release, "Desiderium,” was nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Recording of 2011 by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). It also set the group off on an unforgettable journey across the US. From house shows, to weddings, to clubs, to a performance in the park with ONE, Kindlewood’s sound has washed over and been accepted by a remarkably diverse audience.

The acceptance and excitement surrounding Kindlewood is perhaps best represented by their fans. Because of them, Kindlewood nabbed a nomination for D.C./Baltimore’s Best Emerging Band of 2013 in The Deli Magazine. Those same fans also enabled Kindlewood to rise above a debilitating smash and grab burglary during their 2011 tour. In fact, so much support poured in that within 48 hours of the burglary the group was able to restock all equipment necessary to continue the tour. Support was also shown elsewhere. Paste Magazine featured one of their music videos, several music blogs shared their music and wrote favorable reviews, and they were even interviewed on NPR’s The Signal for the Annual Baltimore Folk Fest.

In keeping with this exciting forward motion, the group spent a significant amount of time writing, recording, re-recording, and scrapping songs for their next album. With the passage of time, the development of their sound, and Jamison’s departure due to an exciting life event (he and his wife had their first child, Oliver James), the moment has come for Kindlewood to announce its end as well as the start of a new journey. With more clarity surrounding the art they are creating and a revived excitement for it, Kelci and Galen will release new music under the new name and project, Citrine. Learn more at

What people are saying...

“Lovely new single "Give & Take"... falls somewhere between the idyllic pop/folk of The Innocence Mission and a more folk-centric version of Deb Talan and The Weepies.” - Direct Current Music
“ Kindlewood conjure an old, but not quite lost, Americana sound — one that's gentle and lush and soundtracks a quiet night.” – Tallahassee Democrat
"Americana three-piece with a wild imagination rides the line between gritty and delicate" - C-Ville Weekly
"...If Joanna Newsom and Leo Kotke got together and had a baby, it would be Kindlewood. The band combines Newsom-like vocals, with the virtuosic guitar style of Kotke for an interesting indie/alt folk sound..." - In Your Speakers
" is amazing and wonderful and positively dreamy. I had the absolute honor and pleasure of getting to listen to it early, and I think I may or may not have had it on repeat for a week straight..." - the flower child dwelling (on "Desiderium")
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